Receiving into our Quarantine Area

Receiving round bales to be placed in quarantine

One of the biggest pinch-points in the industry is storage. Paragon Processing has approximately 170,000 square feet of palletized storage. Depending on how it was bagged, we can store upwards of 15,000,000 pounds.

  • Palletized Storage

  • Multiple Space Options

  • 24-Hour Security

  • Fully Insured and Bonded

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Here is where we separate ourselves from other processors in the industry. Our equipment is currently capable of processing more than one million pounds per month. And we have more on the way. We can provide:

  • Winterized Crude

  • Golden Non-Compliant (Labs Only) and Compliant Distillate (at or below .3% THC)

  • CBD, CBG, and CBN isolates

We also offer other value-added processes such as custom manufactured consumer goods. We are working with other brands to produce products in the food & beverage, health and beauty, pet supplies,  and other consumer-ready products.

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Branding & Labeling

This industry touches everything from consumables to building materials. Our processes allow even the waste material to find use.

  • Idea generation

  • Concept development

  • Product development

  • Market testing

  • Commercialization

Let us know how we can add value to products that you already make or let us guide you from conception to market. Start building your brand today.

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